three images of women listening to speakers and posing for a group photo in the Puck Manning training center over an orange background. the overlaid title text reads Puck Hosts Women in Ag with a Puck shield logo along the bottom
September 27, 2023

Puck Hosts Women in Ag Fall Event

Puck welcomed another harvesting season with a Fall Women in Ag event in late September this year. The Manning location hosted the free event. The afternoon featuring a DiSC personality presentation, a panel on tax planning, trusts, and investing and a presentation about pursuing your passions. Throughout the afternoon, women related to the agricultural world networked and discussed best practices.


Crystal Hanson from South Creek HR was the first speaker at the event. Crystal brought a DiSC personality assessment that allowed attendees to split off into groups based on a few of their defining traits. Participants sorted themselves into groups of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness and shared their similarities with others in their group. Besides learning about themselves, attendees learned more about a personality type they would like to get along with better. These groups discussed possible ways to bridge the gap with differing personalities in their professional and personal life.

The next set of speakers included Jessica Morton of Bruner, Bruner, Reinhart & Morton, LLP, Jeni Martens of Edward Jones, and Margo Hansen of Gross & Company. The three women discussed trusts, estate planning and retirement, particularly how it pertains to women in the agricultural world. Questions were raised about the differences between irrevocable and revocable trusts, retirement plans, taxes, and more. Presenters were able to answer all of the questions and shine a light on different scenarios.

The last speaker of the day was Shelly Greving of Emerge Marketing Solutions. Shelly explained her story and how she got started with her business by deciding to pursue her passions. Emerge Marketing Solutions helps people find and pursue their own passions in a way that can financially support themselves and their families.

Sharing Recipes

A new feature of this Women in Ag event was the incorporation of sharing favorite recipes. Some women of Puck and Availa Bank brought in their favorite crockpot dishes. The recipes were available for others to take if they enjoyed the food. 

Puck plans to host another Women in Ag event in the Spring. To learn about all of our upcoming events, check out our events calendar or sign up for our newsletter.