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Puck Gets Operators Out In The Field: Connecting Customers With Trusted Financing

Puck partners with Ag Direct, Wells Fargo, and John Deere for financing

Getting an entire liquid transportation operation up and running takes not only time but also takes money. As an industry pioneer for over 40 years, Puck Enterprises knows this better than anyone. We realize that not everyone can be as liquid as the resources they’re transporting. That’s why Puck connects you with trusted financing for products and parts, helping you succeed long after you find the right equipment. 

Why Consider Financing? 

Financing is often just as much a critical part of the decision-making process as selecting the features and benefits of the equipment you’re purchasing. We are constantly striving to put customers at ease and assist them in any way we can. Puck has partnered with knowledgeable, premier lenders that can help you choose and customize the finance or lease option that works best for your situation and circumstances.

Our reliable lenders who understand our industry include:

These trusted lenders have the industry understanding, expertise, and services to support you as your business grows, and our team is more than happy to connect you with them. Working with our lenders to acquire products doesn’t just apply to new equipment and parts. We know that even used Puck products hold their value well; financing is an option for those interested in previously owned equipment too. 

Why Puck Goes To Such Lengths For Its Customers? 

Since 1979, we’ve been pushing the industry forward, always searching for ways to enhance the efficiencies and livelihoods of those that pursue this enterprise. That drive doesn’t stop once you have Puck equipment in your field; we have a dedicated support system that ensures you and your team can take on the job at hand with the best results possible. 

That support comes in the form of our entire customer service division. From our sales support and service shop to the parts department and technical support, we’re always at the ready to provide expert assistance. You can transport liquids with confidence, knowing that no matter where you are or whatever obstacles you may face out in the field, Puck is right there with you to help keep everything moving. 

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