fuel hose in Antarctica
March 7, 2019

Puck Enterprises Makes Delivery to Antarctica

Manning, IA (March 7, 2019) - Puck Enterprises, a premier manufacturer of liquid delivery and manure application equipment, has delivered two of its HC8 Hose Carts and two miles of BullDog Hose Company, a Puck Enterprises subsidiary, fuel hose to one of harshest environments on Earth, Antarctica. The delivery, destined for a research station near the continent’s coastline, took over three months to reach its cold destination. Station personnel will be using Puck’s equipment for critical fuel delivery needs. 

Fuel that is delivered to the base is used for heating and operational purposes. Every few months a supply ship is scheduled to transfer essential fuel from the boat to storage silos on shore. Prior to the Puck HC8 Hose Cart and BullDog fuel hose delivery, the station had been using a pontoon boat and barrels to move the fuel. 

two HC8 hose carts in Antarctica

With the new Puck equipment, fuel transfer from ship to shore will be much more efficient. Each of the two HC8 hose carts will be used to roll out a mile of the 6-inch BullDog fuel hose from the storage silos to the supply ship. The base receives around 40,000 gallons of fuel on every supply stop. 

“Delivering our hose equipment to Antarctica is very exciting,” said Jeremy Puck, General Manager of Puck Enterprises. “It just goes to show how Puck equipment is built to lead in even the toughest places. We look forward to making more landmark deliveries, like this one, in the future.”

The HC8 Hose Cart is Puck’s original equipment design for easy hose maneuvering. This piece of equipment features a two-way hydraulically powered roll, hydraulic hose rack, leaf spring suspension, and a heavy-duty axle. HC8’s smart design means that a single person can operate the hose cart and transport hose effortlessly. 

Puck Enterprises continues to be the industry leader in manufacturing liquid delivery equipment for various industries such as agriculture, oil & gas, municipalities, mining, and forestry. BullDog Hose Company also produces a wide variety of hose products that support various industries, from fire fighting to agriculture.

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