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Puck Enterprises:  Integrated Expertise for Industrial Firefighting

Bringing together the firefighting assets you need to be successful can be a significant logistical challenge for refineries, petrochemical plants, or terminal operations with multiple large diameter storage tanks.  Puck Enterprises helps you accomplish this critical mission with a broad portfolio of products that can simplify your sourcing requirements and provide superior performance when you need it most.

Under the Puck Enterprises umbrella, everything you need for reliable high volume water flows is readily managed:

  • For pumping and lay-flat hose deployment, Puck Equipment (manufactured in Manning, Iowa) has innovative high-capacity Hose Reel Carts; dependable Trailer-Mounted Booster Pumps; and LightSpeed™ automation for remote operations.
  • For transferring tremendous amounts of water, BullDog Hose (produced in Angier, North Carolina) has multiple large diameter lay-flat hose products ideally suited for industrial firefighting applications.  This includes the Hi-Vol® supply hose and rugged Mainline Hose for the optimal diameters needed with greater volumes of water.
  • To bring it all together, US Coupling (made in Dothan, Alabama) has a broad array of customized couplings and manifolds specifically engineered to meet practically every conceivable hardware requirement you might imagine.

By integrating the latest technology in pumping equipment with high-volume hose that is cleverly coupled to your demanding needs, Puck Enterprises is uniquely positioned to unite key elements into a cohesive system solution for extreme industrial firefighting.   

With over four decades of proven field experience moving massive quantities of liquid, Puck is no stranger to getting the job done in the harshest environments and most demanding conditions.  From shale fracking in Canada to agriculture in the upper Midwest USA and even fuel pumping in Antarctica, you can have the confidence that Puck has seen a thing or two when it comes to delivering liquids when you need them most.

Backed by superior technical support at each manufacturing location, you can also depend on a broad distributor network across the USA and Canada.  Knowing that industrial firefighting expects sound expertise and service, Puck Enterprises is always ready to make sure you have what you need. 

For more information on the product answers you need for your plant or storage facility, visit today.