TTR 20 hose reel
TTR30 hose reel TTR-3- turn table reel
TTR30 turn table reel hose cart
TTR-15 Turn-table reel 15 for hose.
TTR-20 Turn-table reel for hoses.
TTR and agitation boat by manure lagoon

Turn Table Reels

Puck Turn Table Reels take transferring and deploying hose to a whole new level. With unmatched design and usability, these hose reels are the answer to all operations using lay flat hose.  With full hydraulic control from the cab, you can enjoy the comfort of safety. Arch guard designs keep the hose from going over the sides. With 120 Degrees of rotation, you can not only place the hose in tight places but can also pick up the hose without damaging it.

Turn Table Reel Features
  • Up to 120-degree (TTR-20) and 140-degree (TTR-30) turning capacity
  • Two-way hydraulically powered roll
  • Hydraulically articulated tongue winds hose side-to-side
  • Hydraulic hose rack
  • Puck Arch Guard keeps hose on the reel
  • Slewing bearing swivel
  • Interchangeable hitch
  • Domed reel ends
  • Two hydraulic motors
  • Leaf spring suspension
  • 425 or 710 tires
  • Full control from inside truck or tractor cab; one person operation

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TTR-30 Turn-table reel for hoses


Puck Enterprises’ TTR-30 expands hose reel capacity to a whole new level. This turn-table reel can manage 2 1/2 miles of 8-inch hose at a time — or even 1 1/2 miles of 10-inch. Applicators should be able to focus on what lies ahead in the next job, and the TTR-30’s unrivaled performance delivers results so they can.


Deploying dragline application hose effectively and efficiently is one of many defining features with the TTR-30. It’s 140-degrees of hose reel turning allows operators to place hose more precisely. This capability makes for a more streamlined operation.

TTR 20 hose reel for manure pumping


Single-person operation using the tractor’s hydraulics allows you to eliminate downtime effectively. With the same innovative features as Puck’s traditional hose carts, the turn table reels are built for premium performance.


A higher reel clears up the operator’s line of sight, making it easy to fill the cart and take care of the hose. These tasks should be simple, and the Puck turn table reels makes sure that they stay that way.

TTR 158 lengths - 1 mile5 lengths - 5/8 mile
TTR 2016 lengths - 2 miles9 lengths - 1 1/18 miles
TTR 3022 lengths - 2 3/4 miles12 lengths - 1 1/2 miles
Model Number Hydraulic Pull MotorAxleBrakesTiresLightsWidthHeightUnloaded Weight
TTR-15Double - one on each side Tandem 15,000 lbsElectric Brakes445/50 R 22.5 Option: 500/45 R 22.5DOT Light Kit with Battery Breakaway102 inches144 inches11,400 lbs
TTR-20Double - one on each sideTandem 27,000 lbsAir Brakes Drum, Optional Hydraulic710/45 R 22.5 Option: 425/65 R 22.5Ag Light Package142 inches170 inches14,380 lbs
TTR-30Double - one on each sideTridem 27,000 lbs, Rear SteerableAir Brakes Drum, Optional Hydraulic710/45 R 22.5 Option: 425/65 R 22.5Ag Light Package142 inches170 inches21,500 lbs