Single Bolt Hose Repair Mender SetTM

Specializing in field attachable fittings and accessories for umbilical manure slurry applications, U.S. Coupling has become the recognized market leader for large diameter supply hose and drag hose fittings and accessories for the demanding umbilical manure slurry market. Additional products for agriculture irrigation are designed and manufactured.

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Single Bolt Hose Mender Set Specifications
SizeShank DiameterShank DiameterTypeCollar Style
4" x 4"4"4"Single BoltDrill & Tap
4,5" x 4.5"4.5"4.5"Single BoltDrill & Tap
5" x 5"5"5"Single BoltNut & Bolt
5" x 5"5"5"Single BoltDrill & Tap
5.5" x 5.5"5.5"5.5"Single BoltNut & Bolt
5.5" x 5.5"5.5"5.5"Single BoltDrill & Tap
6" x 6"6"6"Single BoltNut & Bolt
6" x 6"6"6"Single BoltDrill & Tap