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Forged with over 40 years of liquid transfer experience, the Boom Truck is engineered for versatility and designed to attack the task at hand—without compromise.  Puck brings world class pumping capabilities to your liquid delivery operations.  With the help of the Boom Truck and large diameter hose, you can get big water to your big fires. Now that is next-level power and performance for your fire operation from Puck.

All Puck equipment is built with our proven expertise and designed for optimal performance. Combined with LightSpeed, our pump units pack a powerful punch that improves your liquid transfer efficiency on the job and streamlines your manure application operation.

Boom Truck Features
  • LightSpeed Operating System
  • Can be used with customer preferred chasses: International, Freightliner, Peterbilt, and more
  • Shorter wheelbase and truck length (minimum 273″/83.2 m)
  • Compact rear mounted boom
  • Centralized control center
  • True 8 in ID steel FDS with minimal flow obstructions
  • Fast setup times
  • 275-300 gallon fuel capacity
  • Large outrigger footprint for improved stability
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No matter what your operation looks like, the Boom Truck can help. It works for all kinds of liquid storage, seamlessly adapting to your operation.

Boom Truck Outrigger


The Boom Truck has a large outrigger footprint for improved stability.

Model Number EnginePumpFeeder Pump
BT5770C13B (577 hp) 6819MPC10NNWH