Upon recognizing a market need for a fitting manufacturer to be responsive to the unique requirements of the equipment builders for large scale industrial firefighting equipment, U.S. Coupling has stepped into the role. Designing, manufacturing, and supplying lay-flat hose fittings and accessories for this specialist niche market with connections up to 12” in diameter.

Overview:  Storz Couplings are a popular hose coupling used for the connection of layflat hoses.  The 4-Lug version is a specialty variety used in the Industrial Fire market for large scale fire fighting conditions.  US Coupling 12″ – 4 Lug (305mm) Storz couplings consist of 3 primary components:  Storz head, Hose end shank, and Segmented collar.  Rated working pressure is 250 psi (17.2 bar).  Product is produced 100% in North America.  All aluminum components are fully anodized.

LightSpeed™ Control

We don’t just build the best pumps — we create the hardware and software that helps them keep that status. LightSpeed is the only control system on the market that offers full site-mapping, in-depth pump diagnostics and insight, allowing you to have remote monitoring and control of your pumps in real time. This technology comes standard on all Puck pumps, so all your pumps will be protected and monitored by the watchful eyes of this powerful platform. Regulate pressures and add another layer of safety without adding more people, through LightSpeed’s advanced pump protection technology.

Fluid Transfer Hose

BullDog Hose has been in the lay-flat Chiller Hose™ business for more than 25 years, and we have a comprehensive product offering that will satisfy your requirements. BullDog premium lay-flat thermoplastic extruded through the weave Chiller Hose is lightweight and flexible. Chiller Hose is easy to manage, offers a long service life, and requires less storage space. The thermoplastic polyurethane provides exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance, and the high-strength woven reinforcement offers the high strength and flexibility needed for rental chiller installations. We have been the trusted supplier to some of the largest rental chiller outfits in the country, and with our experience, we can customize assemblies to meet your needs.

Heavy-Duty, Rubber-Covered Oil and Gas Hose

BullDog Armour Guard™ is a lay-flat, flexible water-discharge hose that brings impressive flow to any oil field. It combines the lightweight, compact features of a unique nitrile/PVC blend with enhanced durability and abrasion resistance as compared to a conventional rubber hose. Armour Guard™ features a heavy-duty, one-piece design with all-synthetic, extruded-through-the-weave materials. This allows the hose to expand under pressure, decreasing friction loss and increases water flow. The ozone-resistant synthetic rubber liner and cover totally encase and protect the high-performance inner nylon reinforcement from the effects of abrasion, chemicals, and heat. Armour Guard™ cleans easily and offers ease of maintenance. The standard color is black.

Fuel & Water Delivery Hose

WAT-Hog is a premium flexible lay-flat, large-diameter hose designed to transfer fuel and wastewater, along with severe, treated and reclaimed water. WAT-Hog features a unique through-the-weave, one-piece construction comprising a circular woven high-tenacity polyester reinforcement that is totally encapsulated in a tough cover and lining. The lining for this fuel-and-water-delivery hose consists of durable elastomeric polyurethane.

Potable Water Hose

Aqua Guard™ is a premium, flexible, lay-flat, Mil-Spec, large-diameter hose designed for the transfer of potable water to remote locations, new developments, or any temporary lines that need drinkable water. Aqua Guard is NSF61-certified and features a unique through-the-weave one-piece construction comprising a circular woven high-tenacity polyester reinforcement totally encapsulated in a tough elastomeric polyurethane cover and lining—designed for long life and maintenance-free service in even the harshest environments. High flexibility and kink resistance allows natural ground contours to be followed without putting stress on the pipeline and eliminates expensive path cutting work. Aqua Guard is available in blue and tan.