Aggressive Attack Line Firefighting Hose

Hi-Combat II® leverages the latest firefighting hose technology to power aggressive interior combat operation. Its unique double-jacket hose design gives combat firefighters the performance, flexibility, and endurance to face the toughest challenges. A special weave, high-tech nylon-polyester outer jacket encases an inner lining consisting of a one-piece, extruded through-the-weave hose for optimum performance and reliability.

Large-Diameter Supply Hose

Hi-Vol® is a tough supply hose that maintains excellent water flow. It is a premium extruded through-the-weave, large diameter, nitrile-rubber hose with the ability to deliver more water in high-pressure situations. This supply hose is compact and durable with a high resistance to oils, chemicals, UV and ozone.

High-Rise Fire Hose

High-rise firefighting has unique tactical and equipment requirements. While weight is important, functionality and ease of use are far more important. Reliable hose performance is crucial in high-rise environments, and Hi-Power™ delivers. Engineered by BullDog, Hi-Power is an ultra-lightweight, maneuverable, nitrile-rubber hose designed specifically for fighting fires in high-rise buildings. The lightweight, through-the-weave construction is heat and puncture resistant, and kink resistant with low friction loss. The rubber cover prevents water from penetrating the reinforcement thus minimizing the weight of the hose when in service. The standard color for Hi-Power hose is blue.

Abrasion-Resistant TPU Supply Hose

Hi-Vol TPUTM is an extruded through-the-weave, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fire hose. It provides excellent abrasion resistance, reduced weight, and improved kink resistance in comparison to rubber, along with the benefits of UV and ozone resistance. Its smooth polyurethane finish leads to easier deployment and retrieval, helping you work both faster and smarter.

Lightweight Industrial Fire Hose

BullDog Redskin/Blueskin® is a lay-flat, lightweight, flexible firehose specifically designed for industrial fire protection. This hose brings tough, versatile firefighting power to departments in industrial situations. Redskin/Blueskin® is UL approved and features a unique through-the-weave, one-piece construction that will not delaminate. The synthetic reinforcement is totally encased in a nitrile-rubber cover and lining which is resistant to fuels, oils, and chemicals. This dependable and agile industrial fire hose is specifically engineered for reliable plant fire protection.

Heavy Duty Attack Hose

BullDog’s exclusive heavy-rib outer cover combines with a unique nitrile-PVC rubber, through-the-weave construction to provide the backbone of excellent hose performance in Red Chief® and Yellow Chief®. The heavy-rib construction protects your water supply with a high resistance to cuts, punctures and abrasion. Compact and kink resistant, lightweight and easily maneuverable, Red Chief and Yellow Chief are ideally suited to meet the specifications and tough demands of most municipal fire departments. With a proof pressure of 600 PSI (4200 kPa) and a tolerance for heat and cold, these hoses maintain peak performance in any season or environment, withstanding temperatures from -36º F to 158º F (-37º C to 70º C).