November 15, 2016

PCE Parts Store – Making Your Life Easier

PCE Parts Store - Making Your Life Easier

Online shopping for dragline equipment, makes it easier to plan ahead from your phone or computer!  Here's a list of 7 "Applicator Approved" items to consider adding to your operation if you don't own them already.

1. Extra Set of Drags

Every system we plan includes an extra set of drag hose.  Why?  So it's positioned in the next field.  As soon as you finish one set, hook up to the next.  Time is money. $6,907.00 for KEY DRAG HOSE - 6 INCH ORANGE PU DRAG - 250 PSI, 660 FT 

2. Hose Accessories

Save your back!  And the hose.  Clamps, Bullets, Balls, Shooters, Pullers.  Extras are a good thing! $150.00 for HANDLED HOSE PULLER

3. Menders

Fixing hose is the worst! Especially if you don't have a mender on-site.  Stock your shop and your truck. $325.00 for 8 INCH - DOUBLE BOLT - COMPLETE MENDER SET

4. Air Compressor Fittings

Larger diameter air hose = better air compressor performance.  Just like larger mainline hose = better pump performance.  Pig the line faster! $375.00 for 1-1/2 INCH - AIR COMPRESSOR HOSE - 15 FT LENGTH with 1.5 inch Chicago Ends

5. Trailer Extras

New Jacks, Chains, Lights, Tie-Downs, Hitches, Receivers, Pins.  If you don't see what you're looking for call us!  The warehouse probably has it! $125.00 for a LOADED DUAL HITCH RECEIVER- Includes 2-5/16" Ball with 12,000 lb capacity

6. Measurement

Billing by the gallon? You treasure it, we measure it! Krohne's Agricultural Version Flow Meters are completely potted for the toughest conditions. Find complete units and parts online.  Save your display with a stainless steel splash shield! $195.00 for the KROHNE IFC 100 - Weather Protection Cover, Stainless Steel Splash Shield, with viewing door

7. Incorporation

Replacement parts for row units - or the entire unit!  Order online or give us a call! $141.00 for VTI 22" 12 Wave Vortex Blade $110.00 for Dietrich 8" Hi Rate Chisel Sweep

Something else?

Give us a call at 712-653-3045 and ask for the Parts Store, or send us an email at

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