Air Raid Air hose
October 26, 2022

No More Field Frustration – BullDog Hose Air Raid™ to The Rescue

To address a real need in agriculture, the team at Puck Enterprises recently collaborated on a new innovative hose product for manure pumping and manure field applications. Specifically, after pumping manure slurry and when needing to clean a line via a pig shooter valve, it has historically been quite challenging to work with conventional air hose lines fed by an air compressor. That problem is solved!

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To remedy this, members of both the Puck and BullDog Hose Company team developed a new hose product, known as Air Raid™, to be used with an air compressor in conjunction with pumping and soil application dragline systems. As standard practice today, operators will connect an air compressor to a Puck Warthog Booster Pump’s pig shooter valve to clean the line once they are done pumping. Until now, with standard air hoses from other suppliers, this has been quite an endeavor. They simply are not ideal for this specific purpose.

For this application, the traditional air hoses used in the field are non-collapsible, relatively heavy and awkward to handle. They do not stow well and over time, can develop kinks that have memory, so they tend to weaken in those areas and eventually fail.  None of this bodes well in custom manure pumping. The new BullDog Hose Company Air Raid™ product addresses and corrects all these issues. 

In addition, Air Raid™ has field replaceable fittings, which provide the user the ability to repair the hose and fitting (if needed) without a special tool or replace the hose altogether when it’s damaged. That’s very important to reduce operation downtime.

Air Raid is a lay-flat air hose

Featuring a through-the-weave nitrile/PVC rubber hose encapsulated by a high-tech nylon-polyester outer jacket, Air Raid™ is a lay-flat air hose that is designed for improved handling, packing, and a long service life. The high-quality materials and exclusive construction technique provides excellent abrasion resistance as well as resistance to chemicals such as diesel fuel and gasoline. Air Raid’s standard diameter is 1.75-inch and comes in yellow for increased visibility. It has a rated 1500 psi burst pressure. The product is 100% USA manufactured at our Angier, North Carolina plant for superior quality and timely delivery.

For more information, call our sales team today at 712-655-9200 or view the product flyer.