Puck Customer Review, Nick Reynolds testimonial, Nick Reynolds posing with Joe Heese
April 12, 2023

Nick Reynolds: Customer Testimonial

Nick Reynolds of Chief’s Pumping Service based out of Wisconsin has been running Puck equipment for five years. Before using Puck equipment, the business averaged about 800 to 1,400 gallons a minute. Now, using equipment from Puck, they have been able to increase their average to 3,000 gallons a minute.

The service and tech support have always been helpful for Reynolds and his pumping service. "If I ever have a question, I call the guys up. They are very knowledgeable and willing to help,” stated Reynolds.

Reynolds says he originally did not know anything about pumps but is now able to adequately and efficiently work on the pumps. When using the Lightspeed control system, Reynolds is able to identify problems quicker than he would be able to without the program.

"Lightspeed is nice because you do not have to physically go to the pumps anymore.”

Considering that Chief’s Pumping Service can control the pumps remotely from a distance, they save time while also increasing their efficiency in the field. Lightspeed also offers more safety to manure pumpers, allowing them to shut lines down quicker. This creates a faster response time with shutting down equipment to help in the event of an emergency. 

"Since integrating Lightspeed we are able to help other crews out and other companies who have asked us for help. We can access their information through Lightspeed from where we are in the world and help them faster by being able to see what is going on in their line,” stated Reynolds.

Puck’s Hose Carts have helped them become more efficient. He says they are nice for picking up and laying out hose. The hose carts are also convenient because you do not have to get out of the tractor to take the coupler off.

Lastly, he has had positive experiences through Pump School that Puck offers. Reynolds believes that Pump School is something that is definitely worth your time. You can take away a lot of information from the class. He enjoys time meeting the guys and touring the facility.

Reynolds believes "there’s a lot to learn when manure pumpers get together and share ideas.”

To sign up for Pump School, check our calendar for upcoming dates. For more information on liquid transfer equipment, call Puck at (712) 655 – 9200, or watch more customer testimonials on our YouTube page.