New application of virtually odorless pork slurry

The two boreal farm swine facilities located in Fugèreville and Béarn are currently spreading manure by incorporation on 500 hectares of land for each of them. The technology used reaches virtually zero odor, according to many. […]

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Rural Towns Fighting Back: Manning, Iowa

WHEN the tiny agricultural town of Manning in Iowa, United States, maintained its population of 1,500 in the 2010 Census – it actually rose by three people – there was a collective sigh of relief. Avoiding the path of many other rural towns with declining populations Manning’s community is determined to fight back. […]

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Guy Powell Award

The Guy Powell Award recognizes excellence in leadership and passion for economic development in the Midwest Partnership Development Corporation region. It is awarded to superior leaders that strive to make our region a more economically vital place to live, work, and play. […]

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