The Smell of Money

Manure lost some of its displeasing odor in 2008 when soaring fertilizer prices pressed crop producers to find more economical ways to apply nutrients. Prices are on the rise again, and this time, manure may be even more attractive due to efficient and cost-effective application methods. […]

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Iowa Venture Award 2010

The Iowa Venture Award is presented to Iowa companies which have made significant contributions to Iowa’s economy through leadership, innovation and the creation of job opportunities. […]

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Puck Family Expanding Their 30 Year-Old-Business

The Pucks have operated a liquid manure
application business for 30 years, annually
handling millions of gallons of manure
for area hog producers. They are now in
the process of constructing a 15,000 sq. ft.
building to expand the fabrication and
assembly of equipment they make for
handling liquid manure. […]

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