a passenger side view of the Puck Force Feed with the overlaid title Puck's New Force Feed Tandem Trailer
February 23, 2022

More Power, More Flow, More Reach, More Capabilities – One Machine: New Puck Force Feed Tandem Trailer

When it comes to maximum capabilities in one complete package, the new Puck Force Feed Tandem Trailer configuration gets the job done! As a platform, engineered and crafted by pumpers for pumpers, this feature packed lead pump was designed to be the most versatile to date.

Packaged with a high pressure 6819MPC Cornell pump, the Caterpillar 13B US EPA Tier 4 Final certified engine has all the muscle to move the liquids you need to manage. With the 6-cylinder, 12.5L displacement, the CAT 13B delivers 577 hp (430 kW) which is plenty of power to get the job done. Couple this to the larger submersible 10NNWH pump at the end of the boom and you are on the way to effectively producing 3500+ GPM flow at current US EPA emissions requirements. That’s clearly (and cleanly) moving some fluid!

Of course, all that engine power is great for slurry pumping, but you still need to have a boom device with the reach versatility needed to perform tasks for multiple applications including deep pit barns, 20-ft. slurry stores, and lagoons. With a tandem axle trailer configuration, the new Puck Force Feed extends 15-feet longer than the previous designs and ultimately offers 45-feet of total reach. 

All the fluid delivery system ports have been made more accessible. The outflow is near the ground in the rear which reduces wear on the lay flat hose that is connected to it during pumping. For purging, the “pig” launcher port is located on the passenger side. It is isolated to allow plenty of room for the air compressor to be paired with the machine during pumping operations and increases safety by keeping the operator distanced from the pressurized hose. Finally, the lagoon feeder connection is immediately below the hydrostat hookups required to pair with a lagoon feeder attachment.

Ultimately, with the tandem axle trailer platform, the Force Feed boom device can reach out from either side as well as the rear. Additionally, toward the front of the trailer, there is plenty of open space to have storage, including for an ATV. Located beneath this area is the large fuel tank (375 gallons) for extended pumping. 

Our Puck Force Feed knuckle boom design provides the diverse flexibility for multiple liquid storage scenarios and the remote-control operation simplifies setting the boom in tight situations or small spaces. Plus, as standard, Puck’s LightSpeed™ pump controls allow automated operation with remote capabilities and monitoring via a single screen and a simple, intuitive, user-friendly design. New touch keypad controls allow the downriggers and gates to be controlled at the touch of a button without starting the engine. 

In summary, there’s a lot to be had with the new Puck Force Feed Tandem Trailer.

It can be towed and positioned to do the job required and offers incredible liquid transfer capabilities in one complete package! Contact our sales team today to learn how Puck Enterprises and its associated brands can help your specific liquid transfer needs.