a long reach AGI sitting in the parking lot with extended outriggers and boom with the overlaid title Long Reach AGI Product Launch
December 1, 2020

Puck Rolls Out Long Reach Agi: First-Of-Its-Kind Agitation Trailer

Manning, IA (December 1, 2020) – Stirring up the nutrient application market, Puck announces it will officially be launching its most compact and versatile agitation trailer to date–the Long Reach Agi. Designed for the evolving needs of nutrient applicators and liquid transfer operators alike, Long Reach Agi is fitted with the industry's first-ever telescoping boom. 

"This is one of our most ambitious designs yet. The truly unique qualities of the Long Reach Agi add new capabilities that customers can utilize to meet nearly every agitation demand on the job site," Jeremy Puck, CEO of Puck Enterprises. "Long Reach Agi completely shifts the old status quo of liquid agitation towards a new mindset: how can I get more done with less."

Designated as Agi 1708 X, Puck developed the Long Reach Agi to be the end-all-be-all solution for flexible agitation needs. This revolutionary piece of equipment can mix a wider variety of pits and slurry stores without the need to crane in an agitation boat. By freeing up the need for additional equipment on-site, applicators save time and money. 

Long Reach Agi 1708 displaying the 25ft agitator

To accomplish these objectives, the company equipped Long Reach Agi with the first-ever telescoping boom. This game-changing boom has an unprecedented length of 50 feet–once its two stages are fully extended. The incredible boom span means that Long Reach Agi lives up to its name by having a maximum slurry store clearance height of 25 feet and a mixing reach of up to 25 feet. The boom's intuitive telescoping functionality allowed Puck to create an overall compact trailer design and machine footprint. When retracted, the two boom stages contract to a length of just 15ft. 

"It's an ideal balance of functionality and performance," added Luke Potthoff, General Manager of Puck Enterprises. “Customers can expect to find that Long Reach Agi is built to our uncompromising standards and will be an indispensable piece of equipment.”

Advantages of Long Reach Agi don't stop there. The boom turret has a 105-degree rotation of moment. Agitation nozzles boast 180 degrees of movement and have independent hydraulic gate valves. The tailer's outflow gate makes the process of switching from agitation to transfer mode easy and doesn't require operators to shut down the engine. An auxiliary hose reel is mounted to the trailer for added hose availability–if needed. 

Puck also focused on making maintenance more manageable and more streamlined. Better placement of greasable end pins allows for better access during routine upkeep. Boom cable carriers feature plastic disks that aim to reduce the chances of having carriers size up. Nylon skid pads throughout Long Reach Agi increase durability and don't require greasing (reducing maintenance costs). 

Additional specifications include:

  • 7.1 L CAT Tier III diesel engine
  • Heavy-duty outriggers 
  • Work lights on chassis and each boom stage

Orders are now being taken for the Long Reach Agi. Interested parties can place an order by calling 712.655.9200 or contacting one of Puck’s sales team members online

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