June 14, 2021

Learn why you need to replace trailer lights with LED

You can replace your trailer lights with LED with great ease. But, a lot of farmers and outdoor workers will still not make the change.

Why you need to switch to LED trailer lights

LED lights use less power than the old school incandescent lights. They even function cooler, which helps for environmental needs. Plus, they last longer and don't get damaged as frequently. That's right. You don't have to worry about blowing out a LED light because you turned a corner at the end of a row too hard.

What it takes to replace LED trailer lights

LED trailer lights can be replaced by a variety of methods. The best way to replace LED lights is to make sure it matches the same mounting style. While having the same mounting style is helpful, this doesn't keep you from changing LED light style. When working with bigger trailer and farm equipment, it's important to make sure that your new lights follow DOT requirements.

That and certain mounting styles might require drilling past what exists. So, be aware of what you need to do to modify your tractor.

The Safety Benefits of LED trailer lights

While you might be the safest person on the road, you can't plan for everyone else. By placing lights that last longer, stay tough and provide constant light, you're already ahead of the game. Whether you're getting into the field in the morning or leaving late at night, people will see you. What's even better is if your kids or employees are working with your equipment, everyone else in your community will be able to see them regardless of the situation.

LED stop light hh lights for trailers

Why it matters to have LED lights in 2021

LED lights are almost essential in 2021. While Puck has a preferred style we like to sell in the LED Stoplight Bar, there are many options to solve your LED light needs. If you know how to mount your LED lighting, then this is a quick fix. If not, then discuss what you need to upgrade your LED lights to keep your employees safe, your farm equipment safe and protect your investments.

Plus, you'll save money with LED lights that don't have to be replaced as often as the old bulb type. Everybody has to love that.

What else do you need to know about LED lights?

  • LED lights illuminate with a 5x faster response than your typical bulb based light
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance hassle when compared to constantly changing traditional bulbs

Anyone can replace trailer lights with LED, contact Puck to learn more!