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STEP 1 - Agitate

Why do you care? They aren’t your crops… If you consistently send a high-quality product to the field, you will provide yourself job security.

Quality Agitation Advantages:
  • Consistent fertilizer value

  • Regain capacity

  • Improve flow

  • Minimize plugging

3 paths to a quality mix

There’s no denying that effective agitation is the key to ensuring an even application of nutrients in the field. We design our world-class agitation boats, trailers, and mass-mix systems to help you increase your profits, efficiency, and allow you to empty the entire pit.

  • A variety of sizes built to agitate any size lagoon

  • Up to 8,000 gallon per minute pump capacity

  • Easy to operate and relocate, simple to maintain

  • Thorough agitation with auto-steer capabilities

  • Can also serve as a primary pump

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Agitation Trailers
  • Fits all pits up to 13 ft

  • High pressure blasts bottom solids into suspension

  • Fast to transport,no tractor required

  • Accessibility: easy to set-up, easy to move around, or reach under the eave

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Mass Agitation SYSTEMS
  • Permanent engineered solution for deep pit agitation

  • Agitate an entire barn with one pump

  • Quick install with no maintenance

  • Works best with new building projects but, retrofitting an older facility is possible

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STEP 2 - Layout Hose