two sets of crosslays, BullDog's Firepower II attack fire hose, laying on a fire truck. the bottom right corner has the BullDog Hose Company logo and the bottom left has the overlaid title Kirkwood Fire Program Receives BullDog Hose
October 3, 2023

Kirkwood Community College Fire Program Receives BullDog Hose

Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids offers a Fire Science Technology 2 year associate degree program. The program provides skills sought by entry-level firefighters for recent high school graduates or volunteers to improve their employment prospects. The Fire Science Tech curriculum includes hands-on training, a fire suppression drill tower, and practice pad with current fire department professionals as instructors.

Since 1986, the Central Iowa Training Association (CITA) and Kirkwood Community College have partnered together to host the CITA - Kirkwood Fire School. This is one of the largest fire schools in the state, typically providing training for over 350 firefighters from Iowa and surrounding states. Additionally, Kirkwood provides training for nearby industrial accounts like Quaker Oats on-site at the college. 

This year, Kirkwood Community College will be receiving four rolls of FirePower II attack hose from BullDog Hose Company. The donation of lay-flat attack hoses will help improve the training available for both the associate degree program and the CITA - Kirkwood Fire School. With unrivaled kink resistance and a water-resistant jacket, this lightweight fire hose will allow firefighter trainees to focus on building their skills without being slowed down by their hose.

BullDog’s FirePower II hose donation will help train Iowa’s volunteer firefighters, as well as the next generation of firefighters. If you would like to learn more about BullDog Hose Company hoses, contact us online or call us at (712) 655-9200.