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February 23, 2022

Industry-leading Family of Brands Exemplifies Ultimate Expertise and Reliability in Liquid Transfer

Moving liquids at a commercial or industrial scale isn’t as easy as just turning on the tap. It’s a classic tale of man vs. nature. What can the Puck Family of Brands for you? When working with complex systems such as those involved with liquid flow and transfer, customers don’t need to rely on just one piece of equipment or technology; they need to trust in an array of hardware and software all working together in lockstep to get fluids from point A to point B efficiently, reliably, and safely. 

That’s where having a trusted industry partner such as Puck and its family of liquid transfer brands helps ensure the best results and that customers can overcome the obstacles that come along with transporting fluids in all their forms. Let’s take a deep dive into how each brand comes together to create the best liquid transfer system possible. 


For over 40 years, Puck has been at the forefront of creating innovative liquid transfer products and technology. Starting out in the agricultural sector, the company pioneered modern-day dragline slurry application processes with its high-performing pumps, agitators, hose carts, and applicators. Today, Puck’s line of products pave the way forward for those transporting liquid in irrigation, military, mining, forestry, municipal, and oil & gas applications. These products are supported by unrivaled expertise and customer support services. While we can think of the diverse range of liquid transfer pumps, agitators, and applicators as the heart of an operation, it takes a full circulatory system hoses and couplers to transport everything. 


To meet the demands of highly capable pump equipment and extreme environments, a tough and reliable hose is needed to move and supply the liquid to its intended destination. Located in Angier, North Carolina, BullDog Hose Company has the answer to that. In agriculture and irrigation, that solution comes in the form of the heavy-duty Mainline™, Drag Hose™, Premium 200®, and Armour Guard® hoses. Those in the industrial sector rely upon the company’s Fuel Hose™, Chiller Hose™, and Agua Guard™ potable water hose products. For mission-critical fire service applications, BullDog has become the top choice for numerous fire departments throughout the United States and Canada with its Hi-Combat II, Red/Yellow Chief, and Hi-Vol® products–to name a few. 


Securely connecting pumps and hoses is U.S. Coupling. Headquartered in Dothan, Alabama, it was started in 2004 to manufacture firefighting equipment and related water transfer products for the municipal, industrial, and marine firefighting markets. In 2010, the brand expanded the product lineup to incorporate solutions for umbilical slurry (manure) spreading and industrial water transfer (fracking). U.S. Coupling is there to make strong hose connections from hose menders and umbilical slurry adaptors to hydrant gate valves and elbow fittings. 


Now that the hardware is squared away, how does one ensure it all functions efficiently? That’s where LightSpeed wireless pump control comes into the picture. Designed to revolutionize the way pumping liquids is accomplished, LightSpeed is filled with revolutionary features that allow an operator to have reign (remotely) over every facet of the pumping system, such as:

  • Real-time pump control for changing numerous system parameters
  • Wireless monitoring utilizing desired cellular or Wi-Fi connections
  • Programmed feeder pump protection to ensure pumps stay within minimum or maximum limits
  • Auto-throttle controls to give operators the flexibility to let pumps take care of themselves
  • Detailed diagnostic and maintenance records
  • And much more

The Importance of Family

Why go to such lengths to bring all of these products under one roof? There’s an all-important reason behind it all. The process allows complete integration of a total system solution for customers—one source with full capability to meet all requirements. There’s a multitude of rationales for a company to venture down this path. 

The Puck Family helps customers

From the customer perspective, the chief benefit of this type of integration is that it vastly improves and optimizes the overall system performance and reduces the risk of disruptions. Ensuring that customers have continual access to quality products for complex systems is paramount to Puck. Overall, it also drives innovation further and faster in each of these product categories, revolutionizing the path forward in the liquid-transfer industry as a whole. 

Puck has been building this family of brands for the better part of the last decade, and the company continues to grow. At Puck’s main headquarters in Manning, Iowa, the liquid transfer innovator is constructing a 100,000 square-foot expansion that significantly enhances production capabilities. This marks a bold new chapter for Puck. 

For more information about Puck Family of Brands, learn about our history and connect with a team member.