Hunt Farms Testimonial Manure Pumping testimonial
February 21, 2023

Hunt Farms Increasing Pumping Capabilities

Nathan Hunt with Hunt Farms pumps manure for a local dairy out of Salix, Iowa near the company. They pump about 40 million gallons a year and have been in the manure pumping business for thirteen years. Hunt says that after attending Puck's Pump School they have been increasing their pumping capabilities every year with their Puck drag hose system.

How is Hunt Farms increasing pumping capabilities?

As Hunt Farms has started increasing the amount of equipment they have, they have also started increasing gallons per minute and decreasing the time it takes to pump the manure. They started off pumping 1,000 gallons per minute with a pivot, then switched to Puck’s Swingarm and are now able to pump about 3,000 gallons per minute consistently.

Hunt states that when they first started pumping manure, they were using six inch drag hose to a pivot and thought that the 1,000 gallons a minute they were averaging was “setting the world on fire.”
Before switching to the Puck Swingarm, they crashed their pivot due to sand and not knowing the velocity it takes to keep sand moving. Hunt started asking around to other manure pumpers, to see what worked well for them in these situations, and that is what ultimately led them to Puck.

“The biggest thing we picked up from Puck was the knowledge and know-how […] and how we can improve ourselves to increase our flow and decrease the amount of time it takes us to pump every year,” stated Nathan Hunt.

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