BullDog Hose Company, a division of Puck Enterprises, offers premium hoses to keep your operation flowing smoothly — bringing Puck’s reputation for pump performance and quality to another aspect of your operation. Built to withstand tough conditions, BullDog’s hoses, manufactured in Angier, North Carolina, come in a variety of diameters and styles to match what you’re looking for and give you high-quality liquid transfer capabilities. Built to serve a variety of industries — from oil and gas to agriculture — BullDog’s products deliver unmatched performance and impressive durability paired with outstanding customer service.

Your business is too valuable to allow a low-quality hose to stop your operation. BullDog gives you peace of mind and made-in-the-USA products to serve all your needs.

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Agriculture Hoses View All

BullDog’s agriculture hose lines are made to handle tough field conditions and keep your operation flowing. Manufactured to efficiently transport slurry in your application operation, these hoses are durable with wide diameters — features that translate to fast flow rates and minimized downtime.
Premium lay-flat hose built for efficient pumping, kink-resistant performance and a long lifespan.
Drag Hose
Flexible hose bringing high-pressure performance and no-nonsense slurry delivery to your application operation.
Premium 200®
Irrigation hose able to withstand tough conditions and transport essential water and nutrients across long distances.

Fire Hoses View All

BullDog is trusted by fire departments across North America to manufacture tough, emergency-ready fire hoses. From our powerful attack hoses like the Hi-Combat II to reliable supply hoses like the Hi-Vol, our hose lines provide a strong line of defense against any blaze. Fast flow rates, steady pressure and durable coatings have earned our products a reputation as the premier American-made fire hoses.
Hi-Combat II®
Aggressive interior attack fire hose designed to withstand tough conditions and easily tackle emergency situations.
Firepower II
Interior attack fire hose with a durable outer jacket, high kink resistance and powerful flow.
Large-diameter supply hose with efficient fluid delivery and a tough, durable outer cover.

Industrial Hoses View All

For any liquid transfer operation, BullDog hoses provide reliable, consistent performance with fast flow rates. Our hoses are performance proven and constructed to last, maximizing your effectiveness and reducing maintenance time. No matter the type of industrial operation, our supply hoses will ensure liquid is transported safely and efficiently.
Armour Chemcoil
Lay-flat hose with low pressure loss and durable jacket providing efficient fuel and chemical delivery.
Red/Yellow Chief®
Lightweight attack hose with a durable, abrasion-resistant cover and maneuverable design.
Flexible, kink-resistant lay-flat hose designed for hassle-free liquid transport and minimal maintenance.

Hose Accessories View All

Regular upkeep and maintenance are vital to ensuring your mainline and drag hoses are long lasting and stay in peak condition. Cleaning out the line is the best practice for proper hose care — it makes rolling hose back onto the cart easier and causes less wear and tear. Puck stocks all the essential accessories and parts you need to maintain your hoses’ performance and keep your application operation on track.
Hose Pinchers
When you need to make a repair or tend to a hose, these hose pinchers make the task easier. Designed to cut off flow in low-pressure situations, they allow you to get the job done.
Hose Puller
This lightweight aluminum tool makes it safer and easier to remove kinks in hoses — keeping the liquid flowing and preventing your hands from getting caught.
Foam Pigging Bullets & Balls
Available for all hose sizes and types, these foam pigging bullets and balls will keep your line clean and running smoothly.
Portable Pig Launchers
Offering a direct connect from compressor to hose, these pig launchers can be used at any hose coupling point to clean out your line and maintain a high level of performance, no matter where the hose is at in the field.