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February 2, 2023

Hose Care Tips for Cold Weather

Cold weather is a struggle many face in the pumping industry. Proper care of equipment varies between warm weather and cold weather. Be sure you are performing all the maintenance on equipment to ensure that your equipment stays in good condition throughout several seasons. We are here to help you with some hose care tips for cold weather.

At Puck, we have heard maintenance techniques from our customers that work for them in the winter with our agriculture hose, some run antifreeze through the line the night before, others use salt. Here is a hose care tip from our own sales representatives:

"Run the liquid during your start up in the morning very slowly through the line. You can park a tire about half of a foot in front of the hose and about 10-20 feet from a coupler end. This will allow you to knock down the ”snow-cone” like shape in your line and the warm liquid will go through and help diminish the “snow-cone” in your line.

You will be able to hear the liquid start to run through your line as well as seeing your “snow-cone” go down. As always, safety is our top priority, if this is not something you can get done safely due to your line having too much of a “snow-cone” shape or other reasons, you may have to take the hose off a coupler end to get the line ready for use in the cold."

If you have any other questions about cold weather care or general maintenance questions give Puck a call at (712) 655-9200.