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Getting There to Get the Job Done – Puck’s Boom Truck Makes Liquid Move!

Puck Boom Truck lead pump unit for manure pumping

For unmatched versatility and high-performance capability, Puck’s Boom Truck is the total solution for your liquid transfer or slurry pumping needs.  Built on a compact and response ready frame, the operator can quickly arrive to the job site and confidently place the boom on target to start pumping. With a flexible four-section Z-fold boom design and 3500 GPM flow rates, it makes quick work of lagoons, slurry tanks, and deep pit below ground storage. The Puck Boom Truck effectively combines multiple machines into one, decreasing costly setup times and increasing productivity.

Available to be installed on a new or late model used commercial chassis of your choice (i.e. Freightliner, International, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, etc.) and with as little as 23-feet of bare frame required behind the cab, the Puck Boom Truck can be configured for superior maneuverability to meet your specific requirements.  Beyond the chassis, packaged with a Caterpillar (CAT) 13B 577 hp Tier IV EPA compliant engine, the Cornell 6819MP primary pump has the muscle to move liquid as required.  On the business end of the boom and its 70-feet of reach, you have the option of multiple submersible pump configurations including Cornell’s new 10nnwh.  Of course, Puck’s exclusive LightSpeed™ pump controls deliver the automation needed to simplify everything for your staff.

Supported with an integrated outrigger system, you will have the confidence to set the rig with all the stability you should expect for 360 degrees of operation.  Non-metallic ground pads provide the added footprint and ground pressure dispersion needed for a given scenario.  For added assurance, once the boom device in unracked, the outrigger controls are locked out as an increased safety measure.  From an operations perspective, the machine has finely tuned hydraulics which gives your personnel precise control.  Outrigger control levers at the rear provide clear line of side for either the driver or passenger side of the vehicle. 

For optimized flow characteristics and with minimized obstructions, the primary boom piping is 8-inch true internal diameter (ID) steel.  Included as a standard feature is a Krohne 8-inch flowmeter.  Outflow is located away from the outriggers and low to the ground for easy access.  For effective cleanout operations, there is an integrated “pig” launcher system to minimize effort in this key task.

Every single detail has been well considered and integrated including easy access to batteries behind a control panel door; truck chassis covers to reduce cleaning time; rubber bumpers to protect the engine when racking the boom device; and a large 275 to 300 gallon fuel capacity. To learn more and put this beast of a highly mobile pump system to work for you, visit or contact a member of our sales team Sales Team – Puck.