Getting Down and Dirty with Puck’s Warthog Pump Trailer

With a name like Warthog, you know that you must be tough! That’s exactly the case with Puck’s dual-purpose lead and booster pump. Utilizing an engine with a rear PTO, the versatile Warthog allows one to not only run high pressure hydraulics for submersible lagoon feeders, but also serve as be a lead pump in an overall slurry or liquid transfer system. With an innovative, built-in bypass feature, the Warthog offers users tremendous flexibility with its ability to be used in multiple positions with the overall approach in the field. 

Based on a solid range of Caterpillar (CAT) Tier 4 engine options, from 302 HP to 755 HP, you not only have the muscle to move large amounts of liquid quickly, but also scale the pump trailer to the specific operation. Each configuration is combined with a workhorse Cornell pump that allows more gallons to be pumped per gallon of diesel fuel consumed, saving time and money. In addition, with Puck’s creative modular engine/pump skid packaging of the trailer, you can have improved service ease whenever required.

When it comes to controls and remote automation, nothing beats the Puck LightSpeed™ system. It is the most robust wireless pump control on the market today! With a 99% uptime guarantee and proven performance in the harsh world of agricultural applications, there is a near instantaneous control of the pump that is accessible anywhere from any device with a network connection (cellular phone; handheld tablet; or notebook computer).

Of course, you need all this to be manufactured on the Puck’s trailer chassis, the best on the market.  100% engineered and manufactured at Puck’s Manning, Iowa operation, the tubular steel, welded frame construction delivers the rigid strength and integrity needed to perform in rugged environments. This is paired with the standard down-rigger system, providing tremendous stability and leveling capability. 

In addition to the durable powder-coated paint finish, the front facing surfaces and trailer tongue system all have Raptor® Tough Protective Coating applied. This 2-part urethane coating adds impact, scratch, UV, and corrosion resistance to protect these critical areas from road and field debris in transit.

Beyond the Warthog, Puck Enterprises offers numerous other trailer-mounted booster pump configurations to get the job done not only for manure pumping but also other liquid transfer scenarios. Applications for these include dewatering in emergency management or construction; slurry transfer in mining; and field crop irrigation systems.

For more information, visit today or contact a member of the Puck sales team at Sales Team – Puck.