June 26, 2019

BullDog Unveils Industry-First Attack Hose Attachment

Angier, North Carolina (June 26, 2019) - When firefighting tactics on a scene require interior and transitional attack, crews need to have every option available to contain a blaze as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible. BullDog Hose Company, a leading manufacturer of hoses, has developed and unveiled Fireguard™, a new attack hose attachment that gives firefighters more options when selecting a line. This highly innovative new product features a unique design that incorporates BullDog’s proven performance and technology with a new first-in-the-industry adaptation that gives fire crews an edge in an attack line.

Fireguard™ hose attachment

What sets Fireguard apart from anything else in the industry is its adaptable design. Made in 10’ lengths, this hose can be used as a “pigtail” off of the Chiksan® Swivel or be attached to the end of a crew’s existing attack line. Fireguard is an aggressive game-changing option for crews in the interior attack. Being able to meet any challenge is what this hose is all about. With its compact and flexible design, Fireguard is easy to deploy and use on brush trucks or fire boats where there is limited space to operate.

“Unveiling this revolutionary hose product is a proud moment for us at BullDog,” said Jeffery Benker, Southeast Regional Sales Manager of BullDog Hose Company. “Fireguard changes the attack game completely, while staying true to everything this company stands for. This attack hose reinforces our commitment to giving firefighters the best tools necessary to get the job done right.”

This new hose joins BullDog’s line of attack hoses such as Hi-Combat II®, Firepower II®, and Ultima™. Just like the other BullDog hoses, Fireguard is made with the company’s unrivaled materials and technology. Features such as exceptional kink resistance, high heat resistance, anti-burst technology, and best drag coefficient in the industry help this hose exceed fire standards. It is constructed with a special weave, a high-tech polyester outer jacket that encases an inner lining consisting of a one-piece, extruded-through-the-weave hose. This makes for optimum performance and reliability, a signature of BullDog hose.

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