A New Approach to Bringing Water to the Fire

For over 40 years, Puck Enterprises has been a leading manufacturer of liquid transfer equipment systems. Utilizing our experiences over those 40 years has propelled Puck into introducing our innovative technology into the Industrial Fire market. We produce equipment that allows your team to safely and efficiently move more liquid than ever before.

Puck equipment is Built to Lead.
the Force Feed truck parked next to the water with riggers out and boom extended into the water. the connected hose is feeding to a quick attack truck that is shooting water great distance over the water
a fully extended boom truck manure pump unit on display

For over 40 years, Puck has been a leading manufacturer of liquid transfer equipment. Utilizing our experiences, we are now producing new innovative technology in the Industrial Fire to help move more liquid than ever before, making firefighting easier and safer. Puck, we are Built to Lead.

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five hi-combat hoses of various colors rolled up and sitting upright. from left to right, the hose colors are red, orange, yellow, green, and blue
Fire Hose

With a commitment to firefighter safety, BullDog Hose is at the forefront of fire hose design and construction. We make a variety of lay-flat attack and supply fire hoses to help your department safely and efficiently attack a multitude of fire situations. BullDog Hose is proudly American Made Tough.

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a close view of the Storz Coupling Sets lying on its side

Friction loss reduces effectiveness of firefighting attack tactics, reducing this friction loss is paramount. Our full-bore diameter designs reduce friction loss and maximize performance. U.S. Coupling is the go-to manufacture for large diameter firefighting fittings. At U.S. Coupling, We Connect.

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Firefighter safety on an active fire scene is of upmost importance. LightSpeed control systems allows remote operation and monitoring of equipment, allowing the firefighter to operate equipment safely and more efficiently than ever before. LightSpeed provides real time performance data and adjustments.  With LightSpeed, complete control is at your fingertips.

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