a FF 3009 T with extended boom with the shield overlay and title New Product Announcement
July 4, 2023

FF 3009 T Product Overview

Everything that dairy farmers enjoy about the FF 5770 T is now available in a compact design for hog farmers. With hog confinement in mind, the new FF 3009 T pump trailer unit quickly deploys the submersible boom. The boom allows for higher pushout levels, getting up to 3000gpm with 5-10” pieces. Situated on a 32’ long gooseneck chassis, this Tandem Axle Force Feed has a Cat 7.1L, Tier 4 compliant engine with 302 hp. The pump is a Cornell 10NNWH with hydrostatic drive and an operating pressure of 45-250 psi. As with every piece of Puck equipment, this liquid manure pump is equipped with our LightSpeed control system. LightSpeed gives near real-time control from any connected device. The Force Feed 3009 Tandem Axle Trailer is the next innovative product from Puck Enterprises. This trailer pump unit is designed for high pumping performance and unmatched ROI for your operation.

Utilizing the same reliable boom as Puck’s FF 5770, the FF 3009 T’s rear-mounted boom can reach 20’ up and over slurry stores and has a horizontal reach just below 45’. The agitation nozzle is 3” with 180 degree rotation at the end of 8” pipework. KROHNE flowmeters are another standard on this liquid transfer pump, which includes eight LED work lights and four LED service lights throughout the unit.

The FDS hookups feature 8” outflow, 6” bypass outflow, 8” pig shooter, and 10” feeder. With the FF 3009 T, clearing out the tight spaces of hog confinement is a breeze. Puck Enterprises is constantly innovating solutions for the evolving liquid manure industry. We use our 40+ years of liquid transfer experience to build products with the reliability of today and the performance of tomorrow. At Puck, we’re Built to Lead.

If you would like to learn more about our newest tandem axle Force Feed unit, contact a sales team member. Or call us at (712) 655-9200. Additionally, you can view our product overview video for more information.