PT 5770 MK2 Special Pricing

Limited to this Fall only, the PT 5770 MK2 will have special pricing. Contact a sales team member to discuss the features of the PT 5770 and the Fall Special pricing.

  • Pump up to 4,000 GPM with the 577 hp C13B engine paired with a Cornell 6819MPC pump.
  • The compact new trailer chassis has an overall size of 9′ 6″ x 21′ 6″ x 8′ 6″ making it narrower and shorter than the previous chassis.
  • The engine enclosure features service doors that open vertically to allow easy access to the engine.
  • The PT 5770 rides on a single axle trailer chassis with 3 built-in fuel tanks holding a total of 375 gallons of fuel for maximum run time.
  • Equipped with electric/hydraulic control of the gate valves, downriggers and jack stand, allowing you to operate these functions without needing the engine running.
horizontal front view of the drivers side of the PT 5770