Honey Badger Pump Units

The Honey Badger brings world-class pumping capabilities to your liquid transfer operation, combining an extended reach with the high-efficiency of a Cornell submersible feeder pump. With an innovative design that draws on Puck’s years of liquid-pumping experience, the Honey Badger sets up in minutes, is highly energy efficient and has flow rates of over 3,000 gallons per minute.
  • Fits all liquid storage types
  • Comes equipped with LightSpeed IQ technology
  • LightSpeed Pro ready for in-depth pump control and monitoring
  • 3,000+ gallon per minute pump capacities

LightSpeed Control Systems


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    Puck Trailer
    Versatile Design
    No matter what your operation looks like, the Honey Badger can help. It works for all kinds of liquid storage, seamlessly adapting to your operation.
    Puck Unit In The Field
    Simple Setup
    Three knuckle points bring you a high level of maneuverability, and the remote-controlled hydraulic boom makes every job more manageable.
    Puck Unit In The Field
    High Flow, Energy Efficient
    The Honey Badger’s Cornell Submersible Feeder Pump saves on energy but doesn’t sacrifice power — bringing you higher flow rates at a lower cost. Plus, the Honey Badger pumps more gallons per gallon of diesel fuel consumed, further maximizing your investment.
    Puck Unit In The Field
    Unmatched Pump Control
    Built into the Honey Badger, LightSpeed IQ works even without LightSpeed Pro. Set flow, pressures and automatic responses with auto-throttle, and easily adjust your feeder and primary pump for the best performance.
    Start-Up at Your Fingertips
    Accessible from any device, LightSpeed Pro gives you full start-up remotely, and allows you to engage the feeder pump, target a flow rate easily, and set pressure parameters.
    Model Numbers
    Model Number Engine Pump
    HB4570 C9.3b (456hp) 6819MPC
    HB5470 C13 (543hp) 6819MPC
    HB7582 C18 (755hp) 81022MP

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