Boosters Pump Units

Puck’s Booster Pump is the most robust, durable unit on the market. We offer a variety of horsepower and pump combinations to meet the needs for your operation, but all Puck equipment is built with our proven expertise and designed for optimal performance. Combined with LightSpeed Pro, our pump units pack a powerful punch that improves your liquid transfer efficiency on the job and streamlines your fluid delivery.

Additional Models

Boosters with Hydrostats

LightSpeed Control Systems

LightSpeed Pro LightSpeed IQ

“Running Lightspeed and boosters with auto-throttle leaves me speechless. There are so many great things about it. It makes us incredibly faster firing up on new sets. We are at full speed within a few minutes, rather than 20 minutes of hot laps on our quads checking all the pumps. Its efficiency and safety at your fingertips.”

– Ryan Beebee
R&B Alternative Solutions, LLC, New York

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Lightspeed Control Display
Speed Up Set Changes
Puck bypasses can be entirely controlled through LightSpeed Pro, bringing maximum efficiency to your operation. Pig the line from the bypass and finish with full bypass operation from LightSpeed Pro — features that keep the job moving and make for quick set changes.
3067C Agitation Boat control display on Ipad
Peace of Mind on the Job
LightSpeed IQ is always watching the pump, even without the assistance of LightSpeed Pro. Use Auto-Throttle to set operating pressures and program automatic responses, helping lock-in effective flow rates.
Puck Pump
Higher Fuel Efficiency
Cut costs with the increased efficiency of a Puck Booster Pump. Our high-flow, high-efficiency pumps level up your operation with more gallons pumped per gallon of diesel fuel consumed.
Model Numbers
Model Number Engine Pump Dimensions
PT3047 C7.1 (302hp) 4517MP 9’4” x 20’6” x 89”
PT4570 C9.3b (456hp) 6819MPC 9’4” x 20’6” x 89”
PT5470 C13 (543hp) 6819MPC 11’ x 24’6” x 102”
PT5480 C13 (543hp) 81020MP 11’ x 24’6” x 102”
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