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Taking advantage of the “free energy” of a suction hose, Puck’s Self-Prime Trailer offers an innovative pumping alternative to a submersible feeder pump. The centrifugal pump on the trailer is “primed” with a hydraulic vacuum pump, kicking into gear once liquid reaches the pump. The Self-Prime Trailer’s smart design uses physics to pump liquid while saving on fuel costs efficiently.
  • Robust Puck-built trailer
  • Bumper or gooseneck trailer
  • Equipped with LightSpeed
  • Jib crane for suction hose handling
  • Hydraulic vacuum primer
  • ATV ramps
  • Maximizes fuel efficiency
  • Different options to meet all flow needs

LightSpeed Control Systems

LightSpeed Pro LightSpeed IQ

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Puck Units In The Field
Tailored Chassis Options
From basic to custom, Puck can manufacture your Self-Prime Trailer on the chassis that works best for your operation. Other variations include the selection of a Bumper or Gooseneck hitch, optional ATV ramps, and space for extra fuel storage.
Puck Units In The Field
Efficient Flow, Excellent Lift
The Cornell 6NHTC-19 Legacy Pump provides a high level of productivity, with a max flow of 3,750 gpm and 225,000 gallons per hour. The trailer’s lift goes up to 20 feet at 2,500 gpm and 14 feet at 3,500 gpm, measured from the center of the pump to the top of the water.
Puck Units In The Field
Smart Start-up and Full Protection
LightSpeed IQ, standard with every unit, can keep your pump from caveating and provide you in-depth monitoring of flow rates and pump performance. Adding on LightSpeed Pro brings additional efficiency to your operation, with full start-up (including priming) and near-instant control available through the program.
Puck Units In The Field
One Trailer Fits All
Puck’s Self-Prime Trailer is built to fit any size of liquid storage. This unit is a versatile lead pump bringing you proven performance with added efficiency. Contact us to learn more.
Model Numbers
Model Performances SP 5070L 550 hp 550 hp SP 4070L 375 hp
Productive 210,000 gal/hr @ 175 psi (400 ft) 150,000 gal/hr @ 175 psi (400 ft)
Effective At 3,500 GPM, feed 12 lengths of 10-inch mainline  At 2,500 GPM, feed 7 lengths of 8-inch mainline
Efficient Requires 520 hp consuming 24 gal of fuel per hour Requires 350 hp consuming 16 gal of fuel per hour
Over 400 Hours: 84 million gallons with 9,600 gallons of fuel 60 million gallons with 6,400 gallons of fuel
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