HC8 Hose Reels

With a classic design and time-tested performance, the HC8 is where it all started. Puck’s original hose cart, the HC8 was designed for 6-inch mainline, holding one mile and trailing nicely down the road. Time is money, and you can save both with this hose cart’s smart features and efficient performance. Its sturdy build and maneuverable design makes it a favorite across industries for effective liquid transport.
  • Two-way hydraulically powered roll
  • Puck Arch Guard
  • Domed reel ends
  • Hydraulic axle articulation
  • Leaf spring suspension and heavy-duty axle
  • Open/close hydraulics hand valve
  • Interchangeable hitch
  • Hydraulic hose rack
  • Caged decking
  • No de-clutching devices
6 INCH 8 lengths - 1 mile
8 INCH 4 lengths - 1/2 mile
Hydraulic Pull Motor Single (standard) or double (optional)
Axle 15, 000 lbs.
Brakes Electric Brakes
Tires 425/85 R 22.5 (standard) 500/55 R 22.5 (optional)
Lights DOT Light Kit with Battery Breakaway
Width 112 inches
Height 10 feet
Unloaded Weight 5,400 lbs.

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Simple and Compact
With a compact frame and smooth operation, the HC8 is useful for any process, making your set changes simple and transportation effortless.
Built for Easy Travel
The HC8 is excellent for road travel, with a narrow, 112-inch width that can be adjusted to 102 inches for further convenience when moving to the next site.
Single person operation
HC8’s smart design means less downtime and a better job done. Single-person, full operation from the cab allows you to power hose off the reel, navigate obstacles and keep moving — saving significant time and resources.
Easy to Operate
Hose cart operation should be simple, no matter what the ground conditions are. The HC8 has simple design points, and innovative features — such as a two-way, hydraulically powered roll and domed reel ends — that make it the most straightforward hose cart on the market to operate.
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