Boosters with Hydrostats Pump Units

Backed by years of proven performance and fluid delivery innovation, Puck Boosters with Hydrostats allow you to add lead pump functions to your manure pumping units for increased versatility. Using an engine with a rear PTO allows a booster to operate attachments. These trailers are also equipped with Puck Booster Bypass, giving you flexibility and reliability on the job.
  • 3000+ gallon-per-minute pump capacities
  • LightSpeed IQ control panel
  • Works as a Booster Pump

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LightSpeed Control Systems


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    Boosters with Hydrostats
    Smart Versatility
    A hydrostat on a booster pump gives you the versatility to meet different needs at each site. Puck has built these units to handle whatever task you need them for — whether that’s running an extra line, having a back-up for your lead pump, or using it as a booster for extra distance. This flexibility adds more efficiency and tools to your operation, helping you elevate your performance.
    3067C Agitation Boat control display on Ipad
    LightSpeed Pro Control
    LightSpeed gives you fast, full control of your pumps from any connected device. Start, stop, monitor and adjust pumps from miles away, map out fields, set pressure parameters and more. This technology is invaluable for any liquid transfer operation, helping save you time, maintenance and unnecessary work.
    Monitor Pumps with LightSpeed IQ
    Standard on all Puck pumps, LightSpeed is always watching. Use Auto-Throttle to set the flow, operating pressures and program automatic responses, helping lock-in effective flow rates. LightSpeed continually adjusts the feeder pump and primary pump to ensure optimum performance.
    High Flow, High Efficiency
    Puck Boosters with Hydrostat deliver more gallons pumped per gallon of diesel fuel used. The hydrostatic system also transmits more horsepower to the feeder pump for additional fuel savings, cutting costs and making your operation more efficient.
    Model Numbers
    Model Number Engine Pump Dimensions
    WH5770 C13B (577hp) 6819MPC 11’ x 24’6” x 102”
    WH5780 C13B (577hp) 81020MP 11’ x 24’6” x 102”
    WH5782 C18 (755hp) 81022MP 10’4” x 27’ x 102”

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