Mass Agitation Systems Agitators

Born out of Puck’s constant drive for innovation and pushing the industry forward, our Mass Agitation System is an engineered solution that meets the agitation needs for any deep-pit storage facility. The system is designed to maximize agitation, and is capable of agitating an entire barn with one pump. This provides superior solids management and the highest quality nutrient product for land application.

From a single pump-out location manure is recycled using a pipe network installed on top of the pit floor, secured using thrust blocks. This system provides the most efficient agitation of your barn by pushing solids back to the pump every time the it is used. Our system is easy and quick to install, and once installed requires no maintenance over its lifetime. Though this system works best with new facility building projects, retro fitting an older facility is possible.

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  • Uniform Nutrient Content
  • Better Solids Management
  • Most Efficient Agitation
  • Permanent Installation
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Bio-secure Options Available
  • Keep Pit Fans Running
  • 100% Containment; No Exterior Hoses

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