Agi-Boom Agitators

Puck’s Agi-Boom is an innovative agitation solution that fits all pits. Effective agitation is crucial to the success of your operation — but with large storing facilities, that can be difficult. Puck crafted the Agi-Boom to combat common agitation issues, with a powerful design that can service barn depths to 13 feet. With a compact design that is fast to transport and easy to maneuver around barns, this Agitation Trailer is manufactured with your operation in mind.

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    Agi Cornell Pump
    Fits Any Pit
    With Puck’s Agi-Boom trailer, there’s no need for multiple tip pumps. Whatever type of pit you’re working with, this trailer can service it — up to 13-feet deep.
    Agi Cornell Pump
    Easy to Transport
    The compact design of this trailer means you can start agitation long before the tractors arrive and wash in between jobs. The Agi-Boom proves that no performance doesn’t require bulky equipment.
    Agi Cornell Pump
    Quality Agitation
    Sufficient agitation is crucial for even application of nutrients and maintaining capacity. The Agi-Boom’s powerful blasts bottom solids into suspension using a high-powered pump and two independently gated nozzles that rotate 180 degrees. Plus, adding a hydrostat system transmits more horsepower to the feeder pump for higher fuel efficiency.
    Agi Cornell Pump
    Simple Setup
    With the Agi-Boom, you can get right to work. The remote-controlled hydraulic boom gives you full command, three knuckle points increase the maneuverability, and the smart design makes the trailer easy to move around the site.
    Agi Cornell Pump
    Make It a Gooseneck
    Different hitch options are available to fit the unique needs of your operation.
    Agi Cornell Pump
    Top Load-Out
    Fill wagons or transfer manure between barns using the Agi-Boom’s top load-out.
    Model Numbers
    Model Numbers Pump Engine
    AGI Cornell Cornell 8NNWH C4.4 (174hp)
    AGI Doda 200 DODA Super 200 C4.4 (174hp)
    AGI Doda 420 DODA Super 420 C4.4 (174hp)

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