TTR-20 Hose Carts

Navigating rough ground or bad field conditions? Not a problem with this turn-table reel. The TTR-20 has a tough, well-balanced design that can traverse any terrain, with tandem axles and flotation tires. This stable, performance-proven turn-table reel has been crafted from Puck’s years of liquid transport experience and tested in the toughest conditions.
  • NEW Single or 2-speed motor options
  • NEW A-Frame hitch design
  • NEW Air and hydraulic brake options
  • NEW High speed tires
  • PCE arch guard
  • Domed reel ends
  • Hydraulic turn-table articulation
  • Leaf spring suspension
  • Open/close hydraulics hand valve
  • Hydraulic hose rack
  • No de-clutching devices
8 INCH 16 lengths - 2 miles
10 INCH 9 lengths - 1 1/8 mile

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    TTR20 Hose Reel
    Increased Capacity
    The TTR-20 is robust, well-balanced and built tough to handle any job. The TTR-20 can manage 2 miles of 8-inch hose at a time — or even a mile of 10-inch.
    TTR20 Hose Reel in cab
    Improved Visibility
    A higher reel clears up the operator’s line of site, making it easy to fill the cart and take care of the hose. These tasks should be simple, and the TTR-20 makes sure they are.
    TTR20 Hose Reel
    Terrain-Conquering Tires
    A turn-table reel is only as good as its tires — and the TTR-20’s are excellent. Tandem axles with flotation tires provide the weight distribution needed to move through the rough ground with ease, keeping your operation on track.
    TTR20 Hose Reel
    Easy Operation
    Single-person operation using the tractor’s hydraulics allows you to eliminate downtime effectively. With the same innovative features as Puck’s traditional hose carts, the TTR-20 is built for premium performance.

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