TTR-15 Hose Carts

More hose, less space. The TTR-15 has been engineered by Puck to carry more hose while meeting DOT width regulations. Sitting on a narrow, compact chassis, this turn-table reel lowers the cost of transportation in your liquid transfer operation, making it easy to move down the road without sacrificing capacity.
  • Two-way hydraulically powered roll
  • PCE arch guard
  • Domed reel ends
  • Hydraulic turn-table articulation
  • Leaf spring suspension and heavy-duty axle
  • Open/close hydraulics hand valve
  • Interchangeable hitch
  • Hydraulic hose rack
  • No de-clutching devices
8 INCH 8 lengths - 1 mile
10 INCH 5 lengths - 5/8 mile

Additional Models

TTR-20 TTR-30

LightSpeed Control Systems


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    Narrow Design, Big Results
    With a 97-inch width, the TTR-15 is built for easy transportation. Pull it down the road without any complications, simplifying your move to the next site.
    More Capacity Than HC16
    The TTR-15’s compact structure packs some power, transporting more hose than the HC16, Puck’s largest hose cart model. With high capacity and a narrow, easily maneuverable build, this turn-table reel brings you both power and agility.

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