Inline Rippers Row Units

John Deere Inline Rippers are powerful application tools that deliver nutrients right to the root zone. These row units are ideal for injecting a large volume into the ground with minimal disturbance. The Inline Rippers also play a huge role in helping lift the compaction from silage ground or heavily compacted soils. With an 18-inch target injection, these units bring valuable services and impressive performance to your operation, breaking soiling compaction and injecting nutrients deep in the ground to build the root zone.
  • Rates of 10,000 gallons per acre of more
  • Minimal horsepower requirements
  • 14-18โ€ Injection Depth
  • Straight Coulter Blades
  • No C Springs
  • Compatible with Down Tubes or Splash Plates
  • Adaptable to different bar sizes and drag hose systems
LightSpeed Control Systems

LightSpeed Pro LightSpeed IQ

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2.5" Ripper Point
< 15,000 Gal./Acre
< 18โ€ Target Injection
1.5 - 4.5 MPH
7.5" Ripper Point
< 25,000 Gal./Acre
< 18โ€ Target Injection
1.5 - 4.5 MPH
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