Pull Type Toolbar Applicators

Built out of our own experience in the field, Puck’s Pull-Type Toolbars lead the industry in effective, efficient application. With manure injection systems, more width means increased flow and decreased ground speed, allowing you to achieve a more thorough, successful application without sacrificing time. With continuous innovations, performance-proven strength, and a design that is easy to transport, our Pull-Type Toolbars will help your operation be successful and make your job easier in the field.
  • Increased width increase flow
  • Wider applicator bar increases allows you to increase flow rates
  • Increase flow rates to maintain similar ground speed, or decrease ground speed with the same flow rates
  • 8” Puck swingarm
  • 24- or 30-inch row spacings
  • Widths form 35 to 55 feet
  • Narrow and Shorter transport height with front-fold applicators
  • Easy to switch tractors from one applicator to another
  • 3-point hitch needed

Additional Models

3PT Toolbar

LightSpeed Control Systems


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    In the field
    PCE's first front-fold, 45-foot application allows for easier turns while in the ground and on the end rows.
    In the field
    Coulter-style tillage tool designed by Bauer Built, a leader in toolbar designs.

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