Mass Mix Systems Agitators

Born out of Puck’s constant drive for innovation and pushing the industry forward, our Mass Mix System is an engineered solution that meets the needs of large bio-secure facilities. Built to agitate an entire barn with one pump and to include the ability to load a wagon 1/4 mile away, our Mass Mix System brings a higher level of pumping power and efficiency to your operation. Puck will work with you to engineer a custom solution that addresses your needs. Install this system in your barn for a bottom-up approach to manure agitation with reliable performance and increased control.
  • Agitate the whole barn with one pump
  • Load a wagon 1/4 mile away
  • High-volume, 8,000 gpm capacity pump
  • Replaces 3+ tip pumps
  • Circulates flow by introducing flow on far side of the barn
  • Pushes solids back toward the pump
  • Introduces liquid along the floor, lifting solids into suspension
  • Four times better fuel savings over traditional agitation

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Energy Efficient Agitation
Puck’s Mass Mix System is the best use of energy with single-direction flow toward the pump. This system saves you time and money, with the ability to replace more than three tip pumps without sacrificing the quality of the agitation. It also offers four times better fuel savings over traditional methods and an 80% efficient pump.
Keep the Pit Fans Running
The Mass Mix System brings un-intrusive agitation that can be installed to fit bio-secure, sealed containment. There’s no better option for an engineered, permanent agitation solution. The installation gives you a higher level of control — plus, Puck’s system can be engineered to fit both existing barns and new builds.
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