4510 Agitation Boat Agitators

Puck’s 4510 system is a world-class agitation boat crafted with Puck’s unique expertise and built for optimum performance. This innovative agitator is well-suited for large lagoons, with a large pump capacity that mixes large quantities faster and increases the efficiency of your operation.
  • 8,000 gpm pump capacity
  • Excellent outflow pressure
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple to maintain
  • Unsurpassed ROI: low cost of ownership and operation and impressive versatility save you money down the road

Additional Models

3067 Agitation Boat

LightSpeed Control Systems

LightSpeed Pro LightSpeed IQ

“The performance of the new 4510 Agitation Boat is outstanding. I bought the 11th Agitation Boat made by PCE in 2010 and it was a game changer. The 4510 Agitation Boat takes it to a new level.”

– Mike Johnson
Heartland Farm Service Inc.

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3067C Agitation Boat
Versatile Operation
The 4510 can adapt its performance to your needs, with the ability to agitate, transfer, load wagons, force feed and double as a lead pump.
Puck agitation battleship boat
Efficiently Agitate with Auto-Steer
The auto-steer features allow the agitation boat to move systematically across the entire lagoon surface for complete coverage. Plus, you can set boundaries to prevent issues and keep the boat on the most efficient path.
Advanced Intake Screen
An updated intake screen improves priming and eliminates plugging.
Maintain Ideal Pressure
Pressure is a crucial component for successful vertical agitation. Puck’s 4510 Agitation Boat eliminates guesswork from the equation, with included pressure transmitters that integrate with our technology so you can read and monitor outflow pressure from the shore.
3067C Agitation Boat
Easy Priming
With Puck’s years of agitation experience in mind, this boat features bigger vacuum pumps and new gate valves that seal on both sides — making priming simpler and more efficient.
3067C Agitation Boat
Minimal Maintenance
Puck’s proven performance is evident in the agitation boat’s simple, powerful design. With a pump that is easy to access for clean-out, only two moving parts under the water and three grease points to maintenance, this agitation boat is built to keep working day after day — decreasing downtime and keeping your operation flowing.
Puck agitation battleship boat control unit
Full Control from the Shore
Puck’s Voyager technology gives you complete command over your 4510 boats from the shore, with two-way communication that allows you to monitor performance, view parameters and maintain efficiency from the lagoon shore.
3067C Agitation Boat control display on Ipad
Add Versatility with LightSpeed
LightSpeed Pro gives your 4510 Agitation Boat wireless control for full function as a Puck Lead Pump — adding another tool to your operation’s arsenal.
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