February 24, 2022

Don’t Compromise and Lives are on the Line

When it comes to interior attack hose for structural firefighting, there’s a lot at stake.  After all, other than a handline nozzle on one end and a water pump on the other, everything in between – most importantly, the firefighter – depends on the best fire hose possible.

Unfortunately, sometimes cost (or price) considerations on firehose take a higher priority than what matters most – durability, reliability, and performance.  As with all elements of a firefighting system, our contention is that everything should be the best that a fire department can possibly afford.  With so much “on the line” – especially the lives of firefighters and the citizens they serve – compromises focused on cost simply need to be reconsidered.

So, what really matters?  First, every fire department will have factors that are most relevant to their given situation so “no one size fits all” when it comes to interior attack firehose.  A factor that should be explored is relevant to the ability to move firehose across rough surfaces (and the associated friction with same) be they concrete sidewalks and driveways, pavers, concrete stair landings and steps, concrete floors, and various other floor coverings (ceramic tile, slate, stone, vinyl, wood, and carpet).  Ultimately, in terms of requirements, this translates to having the lowest drag coefficient possible to glide hose crisply across these surfaces.   When it comes to this, BullDog’s Hi-Combat II® firehose is certainly a key consideration in this application.

In parallel with the above, as interior attack firehose is moved across multiple abrasive surfaces and is potentially exposed to falling debris, will it perform even when punctured?  BullDog’s Hi-Combat II does.  These are real world possibilities with structural firefighting.  Even with a ½ inch hole (or two), Hi-Combat II continues flowing water under pressure without bursting.  That’s not only durability – that’s dependability!

What about other considerations?  With nitrile-rubber firehose, a key benefit is superior exterior resistance to water and other contaminants so it prevents absorption (with no exterior fabric jacket) and it makes cleaning (as well as drying) unbelievably efficient.  Further, the nitrile/PVC -rubber material combined with a through the weave manufacturing process, makes for an extreme heavy-duty interior attack hose solution.  This also provides incredible ruggedness and resistance to abrasion – especially with the heavy-rib construction of BullDog’s Red/Yellow Chief® interior attack firehose.

And what about high-rise interior structural firefighting applications?  High-rise firefighting has very specific tactical and equipment requirements.  Certainly, when carrying high-rise hose packs, weight is an important consideration.  However, weight isn’t the only factor.  Functionality and ease during use are arguably far more important.  In this application, a nitrile-rubber hose such as BullDog’s Hi-Power™ delivers exceptional performance characteristics.  From ultra-lightweight with excellent water and chemical contaminant resistance to extreme ruggedness and durability, BullDog’s Hi-Power sets the standard for interior attack hose in high-rise structures.

In summary, when making mission critical procurement decisions on interior attack firehose, consider far more than the initial purchase cost.  Consider your specific use requirements and make no compromises with your firehose when it comes to having “lives on the line”!