LightSpeed Pro

Our groundbreaking LightSpeed Pro operating platform offers unmatched pump control technology for your operation. Whether you are working in manure application or other fluid delivery industries, LightSpeed Pro brings you automated pump control with in-depth monitoring and diagnostics — with instant pump response. LightSpeed Pro is accessible from any device via an internet connection, giving you real-time control of your assets from anywhere in the world at any time. Designed in-house by Puck’s expert team, the latest iteration of LightSpeed Pro includes simple navigation, streamlined pump control, full site-mapping capabilities, and asset reporting. The detailed diagnostics ensure you can address pump problems as they arise, and the control helps bring you unparalleled efficiency and command on the job. It also makes a great training tool and an easy way to validate your processes.

Simple Startup and Navigation

Operate your entire system from a single screen. Live numbers, instant control, constant monitoring, site mapping, and detailed diagnostics are all in one place, with a user-friendly design.

Monitoring From Anywhere

Flow rate, pressures, pit level, temperatures and all other operating parameters from the site are all transmitted through LightSpeed Pro, so you can ensure everything is working correctly — no matter where you are.

Trusted Control

Two-way communication allows you to receive on-screen verification that your commands were received and responded to, helping give you peace of mind in the midst of busy application jobs.

Accessible From Any Device

Log in to LightSpeed Pro from any connected device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. All team members with access can help monitor and control the system at different user levels of access.


  • Real-time asset control
  • Intuitive, web-based operating platform
  • Auto-throttle settings for each unit
  • Warning indicator for machine vitals and operating parameters
  • Accessible from any connected device
  • Full site-mapping capabilities


  LightSpeed Brochure