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LightSpeed™ is the ultimate telemetry-based control systems.

From remote pump monitoring and real-time wireless pump controls, to instant remote connection and team collaboration, our LightSpeed™ telemetry control software allows you to fine-tune your system for increased efficiency. LightSpeed Pro is your wireless portal and LightSpeed IQ is your hardware control system.

LightSpeed Pro  

Your Wireless Portal

Monitor and control each pump in your operation from the convenience of your personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. Using a cellular signal, LightSpeed™ Pro communicates directly with each Puck Pump Unit for real-time updates. Fine-tune your system for higher efficiencies and improved safety.


  Control All Pumps In Line

Real-time monitoring and instant wireless pump control.

  Instant Verification

Two-way cellular communication verifies your commands were received.

  Wireless Collaboration

Team members can monitor and control their supply lines wirelessly, via secure internet login.


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LightSpeed IQLightSpeed IQ Equipment

Remote Monitoring Hardware

Standard on all Puck Pump Units, LightSpeed™ IQ, provides continuous onboard monitoring and responds automatically to maximize flow rates, protect your pump, and add safety to the line. Set your operating parameters and LightSpeed™ IQ automatically adjusts the pump throttle for optimal performance.


  Built-In Monitoring
  Years of Field Experience In A Box
  Easy To Use
  Auto-Throttle: Set It And Flow


Our new Auto-Throttle feature comes standard on all LightSpeed™ IQ control systems. Set the operating parameters and Auto-Throttle will automatically adjust the engine to maintain inlet and outlet pump pressures.

LightSpeed IQ Commands Your Boat

All Puck Boats come equipped with LightSpeed™ IQ onboard, for complete operation from shore. Take advantage of all the features of LightSpeed™ IQ in an easy-to-use remote. Wireless two-way communication allows live numbers and engine diagnostics to display on the remote’s screen.


  Easy to use
  • Joystick for Steering
  • Paddle switches for gate open & close with the display page
  • Neck strap for carrying and holding remote during operation
  • Single-function buttons
  LIVE operating NUMBERS
  • Monitor fuel, pressure & performance
  • View engine warnings
  • Avoid downtime
  Feedback on Shore

Live numbers display on the remote, letting you know how the boat is operating.


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