Aqua Guard hoses connected to a municipal truck
March 14, 2022

Conserving Every Precious Drop

Conserving Every Precious Drop – NO-DES Inc. Teams with BullDog’s Aqua Guard™ Potable Water Hose

Safely and effectively managing vital municipal water resources has become ever more critical. Leading the way in water conservation technology is NO-DES, Inc.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Bosque Farms, New Mexico, NO-DES has solved the challenges with municipal water main flushing in such a way as to avoid wasting an enormous amount of water. Via their truck and trailer platforms, NO-DES has an innovative filtration technology that truly makes a difference for municipalities in how they manage this moving forward.

One NO-DES flushing unit (truck or trailer) can efficiently 100% flush the water mains of the average city or county with a population of approximately 40,000 to 60,000 persons. To put this in perspective, most municipal water departments would not conventionally hydrant flush (to waste that same water) their entire distribution system in one year. Using traditional approaches, they would divide such a project into segments or portions (taking three, four or five years to complete 100% of their system).

With the NO-DES filtration technology, cities and counties can now flush their entire system (based on a population of 50,000) each year. Compared to the past, it’s hard to believe but true – 100% of a municipal potable water distribution or water main system each year can be flushed using the innovative NO-DES technology!

In partnership with NO-DES, BullDog Hose provides their Aqua Guard™ potable water hose to endure the demanding, continuous rigors of this application with a certified solution for safe drinking water.

Aqua Guard™ is the only USA-manufactured NSF61-certified potable water hose offering a long service life and durable through-the-weave one-piece construction. Produced at BullDog’s Angier, North Carolina manufacturing plant, this rugged hose is built for maintenance-free service in harsh environments, including with UV exposure, along with easy transportation and efficient pumping. Aqua Guard’s flexibility and kink resistance allow it to maintain regular flow rates while following natural ground contours. This reduces stress on the line and eliminates potential time-consuming path-cutting work at the job site.

Combining the NO-DES technology as the heart of the municipal water main flush and filtration solution with the dependability of safe water pathways or lines via Aqua Guard™ potable water hose provides an integrated system that municipalities need now more than ever.

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