Puck Enterprises Customer Testimonial referral
March 13, 2023

Carla Archibald Learns through Pump School

Carla Archibald started working for Premiere Nutrient Inc. on the east coast of Canada amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. She is apart of their custom dragline application team that uses Puck equipment. Coming into the manure pumping business she had no previous experience or knowledge of the industry. Through Puck’s Pump School she was able to learn a lot about the industry in a very short time. Taking the course online due to Covid, she was able to learn the in’s and out’s of the manure application industry.

She has worked for Premiere Nutrient Inc. for about five seasons. When she first started out with the company she ran the booster pump. Now Carla runs the agitation boat and Puck’s Long Reach Agi. The Long Reach reaches up to 55 feet making it easier for their application team to be able to pull up next to slurry pits and reach the equipment in.

The agi has helped them cut back on set up and tear down time, states Archibald. The Long Reach has also cut fuel cost and is safer. They no longer have a team member going down into the pit for two boats, as they just have to fuel up one in the pit.

Hear more from Carla about Custom Dragline Application on our YouTube Channel.

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