Fire Hose Reliable and Optimal - Hi-Combat and RedSkin
December 23, 2022

BullDog Fire Hose: Reliable and Optimal  

You have heard the phrase, “Why go to war with a switchblade?” This question is fitting when relating it to fighting an intense structural fire. This is why we don't take any piece of equipment for granted in critical situations - including fire hose, especially with all the challenging factors in the fire service.

Larger floor plans and taller ceilings make the rapid spread of structural fire dynamics and heat formidable for brave working firefighters who are saving lives and property. Facing these daunting situations requires firefighter, officer expertise, knowledge and continuous training. Fire departments also have to make sure they have high quality equipment. 

Learn about optimal BullDog Fire Hose

BullDog Hose Company has the optimal interior attack fire hose. Their longstanding proven products can withstand the test of time and perform well in the heat of firefighting. They engineer the Hi-Combat ll fire hose specifically for the rigorous structural firefighting and aggressive attack. Many industry leading fire departments, from civilian departments to the U.S. Military, select Hi-Combat II as a fire defending weapon of choice.  

Completely manufactured in Angier, North Carolina, Hi-Combat ll has a special weave and high-tech nylon-polyester outer jacket. This jacket encases an inner lining consisting of a one piece, extruded through the weave hose which give the fire hose optimum flow characteristics and reliability. It combines higher heat, abrasion and chemical durability with unmatched kink resistance. Additionally, it provides outstanding drag ease across sidewalks, driveways and building floors. 

Hi-Combat II is available in five NFPA colors. The colors are uniquely extruded through the weave resulting in no bleeding of color. The color will they wear off with repeated use and cleaning. With highly visible material woven directly into the Hi-Combat ll product, firefighters can follow the ‘exit’ and arrow markings to safety. This allows for extra precautions for a safe exit if an event takes a turn for the worse. Create personalization for your fire department with up to 32 custom characters sewn directly into the hose.

The Red/Yellow Chief hose is suitable for more heavy-duty, rubber-based fire hose tasks. BullDog Hose Company’s exclusive heavy ribbed outer cover combined with nitrile-PVC rubber, results in excellent interior attack hose performance. The heavy rib exterior construction makes this product highly resistant to cuts, punctures and abrasions. Also, Red/Yellow Chief is virtually maintenance free and requires no drying after use. With these qualities in mind, you will save valuable time and money since less reserve and backup hose is needed.  

Back to the phrase, “Why go to war with a switchblade?” when everything is on the line, you need to be equipped with the best interior attack fire hose for battling fires. BullDog Hose Company provides exactly what you need. For more information, contact an authorized distributor today or visit Hose Archives | Puck