March 12, 2019

BullDog Hose Company Launches New Website

ANGIER, North Carolina (March 12, 2019) - BullDog Hose Company, a leading U.S. manufacturer of premium hoses, is proud to announce the launch of a new and dynamic website that showcases the company’s full lineup of specialized hose products and accessories. The fire hose industry leader moved forward with the new site development in order to better serve their customers and dealer network. The site launch also coincides with the company celebrating its first year in business. 

The website reflects BullDog’s pride in manufacturing products right here in the United States of America. There are hints of patriotic flair throughout the site, from the company’s logos to the background imagery on the product pages. As the company’s positioning statement affirms, BullDog hoses are “American Made Tough.” Along with a sense of pride, the website contains themes that symbolize strength, action, and reliability. 

Functionality was key in the design of the new website. In order to easily connect customers to the right hoses for the right job, the website breaks products down into three main categories: fire hoses, industrial hoses, and agricultural hoses. BullDog also kept international customers in mind with a language translation tool and regionalized product pages for Canadian customers. 

In addition, BullDog’s site has a number of features that customers, dealers, and visitors will find useful. For starters, the company offers an online store where customers can purchase hose products, fittings, and accessories. Customers will be able to create secure accounts and order online, making it easier to access BullDog products. Additional content includes career opportunities, trade show information, recent news, and customer testimonies. 

“We are very proud to launch our new website,” said Jeff Benker, BullDog Hose Co. South East Regional Sales Manager. “This next step continues to show BullDog’s dedication to its customers, and shows that we are the premier fire hose manufacturer in the U.S.” 

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