Boom Truck Overview
June 7, 2023

BT5770 Product Overview

Puck Boom Trucks bring world-class pumping capabilities to your liquid delivery operation. All Puck equipment is built with our proven expertise and designed for optimal performance. With our next-level power and performance, the BT5770 is engineered for versatility and designed to attack the task at hand — without compromise.

Boom Truck parked next to a lagoon displaying the 70-foot reach over the edge and into the lagoon

The engines on Puck BT5770 Boom Trucks are a Cat C 13b with 577 horsepower and 275-300 gallon fuel capacity. The main pump is a direct-driven Cornell 6819 MPC white iron pump, while the Boom pump is hydrostat-driven Cornell 10NNWH. The truck also has 3,500 GPM capacity at 125 PSI, allowing you to reach uncompromised high flows.

The standard boom has a 70 foot horizontal reach with 360 degrees of rotation and eight inch pipework coming off of the pump. The steel FDS design creates minimal flow obstructions, and the industry leading LightSpeed control system gives real-time management. Energy-saving submersible feeder pumps deliver high flow rates, without sacrificing power. Meanwhile, LightSpeed constantly monitors and adjusts your feeder and primary pumps for peak performance.

The BT5770 comes standard with four hydraulic downriggers that fold in for easy road travel. The large outrigger footprint allows for improved stability. The shorter wheelbase and truck length increase maneuverability in the most challenging job sites. The compact, rear chassis-mounted boom maximizes the reach into deep lagoons. Additionally, the boom has the capability to be used on either the driver or passenger side thanks to the 180 degree clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.

Meeting Your Needs

There are several submersible pump configurations for the BT5770 available, including the Doda 420, the Cornell 8NNWH or the 10NNWH. Every Boom Truck comes with a standard agitation nozzle and LightSpeed control system. The chassis on the truck can be supplied by Puck, or fitted to a pre-existing chassis if you already have one that meets the specifications. The available chassis configurations include international, Freightliner, Peterbilt, and more.

For more specifications and information on the BT5770 Boom Truck features, check out the product flyer or product overview video. You can also contact a member of our sales team to find out how the BT5770 can help your operation.